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About this database

This database on E-Government for Latin America and the Caribbean, aims to bring together Professionals - Experts in the subject they are studying and working in areas that contribute to the development and improvement of areas and e-government strategies.

Users found the following information available to professionals - experts: contact details, areas of expertise, level of study, years of experience, professional profile and CV.

This database offers content in two languages ​​(Spanish and English).

The passage from one language to another can be done at any time simply by selecting the appropriate language. See the user guide for how to use the simple search, advanced search and view the categories and subcategories from which classifies the areas of professional expertise.

This database is possible thanks to the efforts of the following persons:

Ben Petrazzini, Project

Lara Robledo, Content and coordination

Fernando Da Rosa, Diego Roselli, search engine and Web design

Juan Carlos Alonso, Adaptation to the platform of the Red Gealc

The MySQL database has been programmed in PHP, the filmmakers search engine, and have also incorporated two fragments of code, released as free software, one Pinedo Jorge Rosas, the search result page, which is made some modifications and a Stephan Schmidt. This allows the entire system can be licensed as free software under license GPL.
RedGealc - Expertos
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