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Guide of use

How to make a search
The Regional Database Professionals - Experts in E-Government allows two types of search: a simple search and advanced search.

The search can be performed by typing a keyword in the field blank (for example: "procurement") which will display all professionals - experts that develop in that area. You can also choose a country and / or area of ​​expertise, as well as using these three fields to refine your search conjunction personalized way. To select more than one item is necessary to keep down the "Control" key.
The Curriculum-Vitae of professionals
The Curriculum-Vitae of professionals will be in PDF format and the language in which it was sent by the professional. If the user does not handle the language or want more information, should contact directly with the professional.
Categorization of the specialty areas
Areas of specialty professionals in this database are organized according to 3 categories. Each of these contains sub-categories for a total of 31.
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