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Terms and Conditions

1) When the user selects a solution of interest from this site, a message will be sent automatically to the administrator who will then consult with the proprietors of the solution as to their willingness to be put in contact with the interested user.

2) The automated mechanism of the previous point does not imply any obligation by the owner of the solution, the GEALC Network or any of the organizations responsible for this tool.

3) Once the owner of the solution agrees to start the process of sharing the solution with the concerned user, the GEALC Network will facilitate contact between both parties.

4) The final decision to share the solution, and the terms by which this occurs will be the result of a bilateral agreement between the owner of the solution and the user interested in its use. The OAS, if required, will provide its support to facilitate the agreement between the parties.

5) The GEALC Network will facilitate, where possible, and according to its technical criteria and the availability of resources, the exchanges of information and necessary technical visitations for the understanding of the solutions by the users interested.

6) All of the solutions and contents contained in this site are for the purpose of information, their inclusion within the site does not imply any commitment as to the veracity or quality certification of the information by the institutions responsible for the site.

7) No harm caused to the users or to any third parties due to the implementation or use of any solutions contained in this site may result in any type of responsibilities attributable to the GEALC Network or to any of the organizations or individuals that are members or promoters of the GEALC Network.

8) The use of this site implies the acceptance of all of these terms.

How to search
The Regional Database Professionals - Experts in E-Government allows two types of search: a simple search and advanced search. The search can be performed by typing a keyword in the field blank (for example: "procurement") which will display all professionals - experts that develop in that area. You can also choose a region and / or category. The simple search allows you to combine a keyword, region and category and search by only one of these fields.


Human Resources
This database This database on E-Government for Latin America and the Caribbean, aims to bring together Professionals - Experts in the subject they are studying and working in areas that contribute to the development and improvement of lines and government strategies mail.
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